Welcome to my blog, ‘Beyond The Kitchen’!  Rather than focus strictly on cooking and baking, i’ve encompassed all of my heart felt passions into one.  DIY projects are another one of my favorite things to do if i’m not whipping up a meal or baking and decorating some desserts.  What better three things than these to get creative with?

My goal for starting my blog is to excite and inspire people like yourself to start cooking, taking a stab at baking that delicious recipe or repurposing something you were ready to give to the trash. Stop buying all of those processed foods, pre-cooked meals, loaded with sugar cookies and treats, and stop paying top notch for brand name household items!  There’s a way to do almost anything you need, if you present the will to do so.

Have you had a terrible disaster when in the kitchen and that’s why you strive away from it?  We’ve all had them! Tell us about it!  After all, laughter burns the most calories and it feels good to laugh at yourself once in a while.  Brush it off, start over and be more determined than before!

You CAN do this and I’ll help guide you along!  I look forward to taking you on this journey with me!


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I look forward to reading your blog as the rest of the semester goes on because I am not that great at cooking. Although I am a recent graduate from QU and living at home with my mom, I want to learn how to do easy and quick recipes without spending too much money. I would like to impress my whole family one day with a new recipe that they have never heard or seen before. Can you help?

    • Thank you Rachael! I most certainly have a few things that are very simple to make but are absolutely delicious. I will look to post some of these in the very near future for you.

  2. I’ve just started to get into cooking more after working nights for almost 8 years. Working a second shift I never felt like making dinners for myself in the afternoon to bring to work with me so I usually ended up with a lot of sandwiches or frozen meals. Since getting on a day shift last year my husband and I have been able to start cooking and eating dinner together more often and it’s wonderful. And just last week our we started the second summer of getting a farmer’s harvest share so I’ll definitely be looking out for any recipes that involve fresh veggies!

    Also, I really like the wordpress theme you picked out, it really goes with your topic.

    • Mmmm Fresh vegetables are some of my favorite things! Frozen meals aren’t a bad thing if you make them yourself! When night classes and work would get tough, I would dedicate a day to just cooking and making meals to freeze for quick dinners on the go. I will certainly get some fresh vegetable recipes up for you!

  3. I have recently started to explore the cooking and baking life. I have to say it is very fun and relaxing to follow a recipe and watch your masterpiece take shape. My mom is a really good cook and before I went to college she really made me learn how to cook, and I really enjoy cooking. I just wish that sometimes it did not take so long. I wish I could just snap my fingers and it be done! I look forward to reading what recipes you have to share. If I find anything I will defiantly share!

    • Well, cooking doesn’t always have to take a long time. I love doing ‘semi-homemade’ recipes for ‘on-the-fly’. We don’t always have an hour or so to prepare dinner and well, eating processed foods it’s good for us. Stay tuned for some quick recipes I have coming up!

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