Why did I choose a cooking / baking / DIY blog?  Because I absolutely love to cook, bake and do anything related to DIY projects.  I’m a very creative and hands on person.  I love to take something and make something new.  It could be my graphic design background, or it could be that I take after my mom who was a very crafty person and the true definition of a ‘Susie Homemaker’ before she passed away 21 years ago.

I am currently in the process of decorating for my upcoming wedding and well, you guessed it, i’m doing it all by hand.  There’s something so special about creating, fixing or even just repurposing items yourself that adds that special little charm that everyone loves to note.

Baking and cooking became a passion of mine when I started living on my own.  Taking ingredients and thinking of a way to make them come together and taste good is a challenge, but not always a difficult one.  Would you ever think of using leftover taco meat and making it into a meat sauce?  I have!  Adding grilled chicken and sauteed squash to boxed white macaroni and cheese? I have!  Semi homemade items or finding new ways to use leftovers are things I enjoy and very useful when it comes to using everything you have rather than wasting food.

There’s nothing better than a homemade cookie or cupcakes or anything related to baked goods for that matter.  It tastes better, it looks better and people appreciate the time and effort into a baked good for them.  It’s very personal and something that they know you put time and thought into.  Making people happy and smile when I bring out a freshly baked tray of cookies is a feeling that is so appreciative, it’s hard to not want to do it again.

Decorating my cupcakes and sugar cookies comes from my artsy self.  I get very carried away when it comes to putting different decorations on things.  Most recently, I did baked goods for my friends bridal shower with a Tuscan theme.  Of course, wine was involved, so all of her items had a wine theme to them.  From the ‘bunch of grape’ sugar cookies that were hand decorated to the chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream and a hand piped ‘bunch of grapes’ on top to the chocolate dipped strawberries with colored drizzle on top.  Every guest at the party couldn’t believe that just ‘someone’ made these and not a professional bakery.  And that my friends, is why I love to do what I do.  People are SO appreciative of the effort a single person puts into their food.

After all, presentation is everything!  And don’t worry, i’ll share my secret recipes and tips in my posts to come… stay tuned!



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