Ultimate Backyard Parties

Looking to plan the ultimate backyard party for the end of summer?  Always having trouble figuring out just ‘what to do’? No worries, we’ve got you covered! 

First: Pick a theme.  Some may think ‘it’s just a get together, do I really need a theme’? Well, if you’re calling it a party and you want it to be awesome… yes! Pick a theme! Pool party? BBQ? Fiesta? You name it, and then we can start.

Second: Choose your menu.  Decide what kind of food you want to serve at this ultimate party you’re going to be throwing.  Fiesta? Go Mexican with a create your own taco / nacho bar. BBQ? Think Chicken or pulled pork. Pool party? What would you bring to the beach? Sandwiches or hot dogs and hamburgers. 

Third: Create a fun drink to go with that ultimate theme you have.  You’ll cut down on costs for providing beverages and it’ll be a great tie in to get everyone into the spirit.  Margaritas would go great with any Fiesta and can be pre made in pitchers.  Lemonade spritzers or spiked lemonade would go great with a BBQ and again, can be pre made. Looking at doing a pool party? Create a fun blue cocktail and add some rubber ducks to it or a nice sangria to make people think they’re water front.

Fourth: Think of some great decorations.  Decorating has a knack for getting people in the spirit of the party and well, it’s fun! Use items you can find for cheap or even items from around the house.  Mason jars and flowers would be a great accessory to any BBQ, Bright colored and mismatched items for a fiesta and pool noodles, beach buckets and swimming tubes for pool parties. 

Have fun with whatever it is you’re doing! Make things simple and fun so you too can enjoy your time with your guests.  Invite others to bring items and let them either a) know the theme or b) provide them with options for dishes they could make.  I always like to take care of the main courses and possibly the appetizers and leave the desserts or sometimes the appetizers up to my guests.

Now go on, you have an ultimate summer party to plan before… you guessed it! Summer’s over. (Alright, i’ll stop talking like that…. Sorry!)

Take a look at some of our great Pool Party Theme ideas, click here.


Image taken from Pinterest.com.  No ‘click through’ link provided.


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