Summer Time Grilled Corn

Who doesn’t love a good ear of grilled corn on the cob?  It’s a summer time favorite in my household.  But, let’s be honest… how many times can you have the same thing over the course of a week?

Click here to find a standard recipe for grilled corn. 

To change it up a bit, I soak the corn (husk and all) in water with some sugar.  I would say 1/4 cup sugar per 4 cups of water.  You want the water to completely cover the corn when soaking. Let it rest for about 30 mins.  When you’re ready, take the corn out of the water, place on a preheated grill, over medium heat on the higher rack (if there is one) for approximately 30 mins.

Ready to change up the flavors from just regular butter?  Click here to find a list of some other flavors that you can try out.


Photo Courtesy of Six Sisters’ Stuff


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